Anyone else get that uncomfortable feeling?

You know when you see your ex has moved on, on Facebook or wherever, and you just get that uncomfortable when you see them with another person?

Saw I guy I broke up with a few months back on Facebook with another girl and just got that feeling lol. I'm not upset or anything, I'm very happy with my current boyfriend. I find it hilarious because now that poor girl has to deal with his lazy a** but I just got that uncomfortable feeling haha


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  • Each relationship provides a learning experience that you can take on to the next one.
    He may have not been an ideal boyfriend to you but he may have learned how to be so for someone else.
    Getting dumped makes you sort of jump back and take a look at yourself.

    Hopefully he repaired himself for the better.

    I'm glad you're happy and moved on.
    Although he doesn't deserve it , hopefully he is as well and doesn't inflict the same type of pain to the girl he's with now.
    . <3


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  • You shouldn't have him still on Facebook especially if you are in a new relationship and feeling like that it's pretty disrespectful to your new guy.

    • Yeah I probably should delete him but it's not like I ever want to get back with my ex? I've had this feeling seeing all of my ex's get new girlfriends so it's not like it's just a thing that happened with one person.

    • Still just delete it so you can fully move on!

  • You're not over your ex. If you were, you wouldn't care less

    • I'm completely over him lol and I don't care, I just got uncomfortable

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