Why would an ex not want you to know they went out and had fun?

Wouldn't they want you to know that they went out and had fun?


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  • he's not over you.

    • If he was trying to get over me wouldn't he still want me to know he goes out

    • But I tell him what I did and I'm not over him

    • How do you think he is not over me?

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  • Well it's maybe one of two things and the two things have in common one thing that is : simply he just doesn't want you to realize he's over you in anyway he doesn't want you to think he is having fun without you or he's just over you and he can actually go out and have fun BUT the intentions here may vary so the first case could be that on the outside he had fun or showed the people around he's over you to gain some dignity but on the inside he wasn't actually fine and he wants you to get this message and believe me that could the good side of it
    The other intention could be really mean but i just have to say it, i don't know how u guys ended it but maybe he just wants to get back with you and hurt you or something like that
    I'm not saying anything is for sure you only could get it right but both ways this means he wants to be back with you, the message it clear "I'm just not fine without you"
    he's saying this but what does he want/intend/mean ! That's a question u have to figure out urself but just be so realistic with this don't give a chance to ur heart please
    I know that everything has possibilities and he may intends well but i simply don't trust anyone that far.. so please consider a dark side
    Wish you all the best..
    Wish i helped

    • He Wouldn't WANT To Hurt Me So What ARE You Saying

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    • what you're saying proves what i said and doesn't deny it
      If he keeps track of you online means that he still cares about you and he wants to know more about you, and if he acts like you never broke up that's because this is what he wants (You back, Your relationship back)
      Actually now it makes me think that he's just waiting for you to make the move because he doesn't want you to think he's pushing you or he's just allover you
      If you still hang up as real friends and you both feel the same way about coming back together, What's the problem again?

    • I don't know exactly it's not like he contacts me to hang out and I have asked him if he wanted to get back together before.

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