What if you broke up with your ex and wanted him/her back?

What if you knew you hurt her really bad? Would you hint at wanting to get back together but hope she's the one that asks for another chance? Or would you bite the bullet and ask (even though you've done that before and messed it up by breaking up with her again)?

I'm just trying to understand what my ex was thinking. I thought he wanted me back, and it caught me off guard. He asked me what I wanted because he was leaving it up to me and I said I didn't know. But he kissed me and I kissed him back. Then less than a month later he has another girlfriend.

Why open up old wounds? Why would he do that to me if he was talking to someone else anyway? We were starting to become friends (something he pushed for). Do I have the right to feel used right now?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I'm not exactly sure why people would break up and get back together, when it is obvious at least one of you doesn't feel the same way about the other. There is a reason they are your ex, think about it.

    • That's very true. When it comes down to it, we had a big problem communicating with each other. And judging by that past conversation we had, we definitely still have it. And it's mostly from my end because I have never been able to talk feelings. Which is a major reason why I couldn't see myself in a relationship with him. But even though he's not the player type I feel like he played me. He did all that but still got with another girl.

What Girls Said 1

  • guys like girls are unpredictable, if he says he is leaving it up to you then the answer is obvious. If the guy wants you back he will give you a definite answer.

    Well, the only reason I could think of based from experience is that maybe he just missed you and that's it. or maybe he is used to kissing you (since you've been doing that before...) sometimes, there are things in life that just happens...

    My advice, walk away from him so that you won't feel used. Give yourselves a break from each other to really know if you still want each other back.. especially you. =)

    • I guess maybe I did botch it up a little bit. But I also guess he clearly didn't like me THAT much if he were able to jump to someone else so fast.

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