Just thinking or moving on?

My ex and I broke up because he needs to go to another country because of work. We both dont want a long distance relationship but I was willing to try that for him. He wasn't. Our break up was a bit terrible and I did nag somehow. We never talked since that day. Its been a week and he is not texting me. Question is, do you think he still thinks about me or considering maybe i am worth the risk or just moving on with his life? cause he is not texting me :( Hope i can have an opinion from guys as well. Thanks!


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  • In my experience, long distance relationships don't work, so breaking up (although painful) was the right thing to do.


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  • LDR is One of the Hardest to Have and to Uphold of Any here, dear. I, for One, know this probably Better than anyone on GAG. It take two special people to take the effort and to make the time to be In this kind of relationship, and if only One is doing so on his or own end, it Will... End.
    Your sad situation is that he never even tried to give this a chance with romance. He shot it down even fore it got off the ground.
    He may be getting settled in with his own busy schedule right now, and on top of Old Smokey where he realizes you are Not around right now, it could be killing him inside as well, and just needs time, which he knows is not on anyone's side.
    It's a shot in the dark when it comes to LDR and perhaps he will cave, give you a holler once he realizes he is Missing the Kissing, and even with Skype, all is not lost, you both can work something Out with even an every Day... Shout.
    I feel he knows you are 'Worth the risk,' but he Needs to Feel it in his heart when you are Both... Apart.
    Give him his space to think it all out but in the meantime, Begin your own Beguine of just Focusing on you.
    Good luck. xx

    • Hi i am sorry i just replied to your comment now. Actually, i am giving him a space right now. we dont talk anymore but in your opinion how long should i give him the space? considering we only been together for a month? it was a short relationship with deep connection though. thank you so much for your advice!

    • NP sweetie, almost forgot myself I have so many that come in. If it has been awhile, text him just to see how he is and find out if that works with him replying. Oh, so welcome, sweetie. xx

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  • IMHO he has moved on, and it may be time for you to move on as well.

    Why not send him an email (better than a text), tell him you have been left in limbo, hopefully you will get a reply giving you the news you want, if not you will have closure.

    Either way I wish you all the best :)

  • I can tell you I've been in a long distance relationship until my ex ended things between us very recently, so I can understand.

    If it's been a week he's probably still raw inside, as are you. I know you might think that he's not thinking of you, but if you two had been together for more than 6 months then chances are he still is.

    Try giving him some space for a few weeks. This will not only let him heal, but you as well. Work on yourself for a bit rather than thinking "what if". If in a few weeks time he messages you then great! If not, decide if it's a good idea to talk about things...

    I hope whatever happens you're happy with

    • Hey! Sorry I just replied to your comment just now. How long should i give him space? 2weeks or 3 or one month? I hope the contact period works! :(

  • sorry but he didn't seemed to be interested in continuing with the relationship (because he was against the idea of long distance)


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