I just don't know what to do with myself after breaking up?

I started seeing a girl and we made things official around mid-June this year. So at least we haven't been together for years and facing that hurt, but it still really hurts. But the other day we got into an argument, and I know all couples argue but me and her started to realise that we're really different people.

I met and became really close with her family, her mum especially. As well as she met my family who loved her to bits. And as well as that, we made memories together and breaking up just seems like a waste of those. However, saying all of this, I wasn't too sure from the off if she was actually the one and I have been pretty insecure all throughout the relationship, but she's the first girl to take an interest in me in a long time, that's what gets me the most i think.

Her mum was heartbroken to hear we'd broken up. And I think mine was as well actually. But her mum told me that perhaps we just aren't right for each other and one day I'll be happy with somebody else and be glad that it didn't work out, which I guess she's completely right.

I do have things to look forward to though. There's a family event tomorrow that might help me take my mind off things. Then Sunday I'm going to Dublin for a few days with a close friend. And then the week after I start university. But I just have this feeling all these events are going to be ruined because I'm just going to be moping over her..

Any advice?


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  • www.girlsaskguys.com/.../a10983-i-choose-not-to-sink-i-am-getting-over-you
    ^ I wrote that take a while ago , to give tips on how to help oneself heal from break up. I hope it is beneficial go you. Although it seems geared towards women, the advice can work for men as well.

    You have so much big events coming up in your life. Now is the time where you should be the most excited. You can't help but feel that way because your emotions are dragging you down.

    Psychologically you are capable of moving forward.
    Anytime you feel down , remind yourself that you are experiencing happiness that involves yourself , and that is okay.
    Enjoy your accomplishments and yourself !
    Look at the break up as a stepping stone.
    You learned a lot from that relationship, now you can carry some knowledge to your future one.
    It helped you.
    Continue to give yourself time to heal.
    You'll grow stronger.

    Best wishes


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