It's been 6 months since he dumped me and I'm still hung up on him?

We were together for 3 years and he ended it 6 months ago, not really giving me any reason. I still have waves of emotions and mood swings. I'm mostly alright, it's not like I'm depressed, but I still have hope that he is gonna come back. I feel it, like an intuition, that he is gonna come back to me. I keep imagining him calling me, telling me how he misses me and how he made a huge mistake. I think about him every day, mostly in a happy way (sometimes I hate him too). I know how dumb I am so you don't have to remind me. I am going out, working, picked up some new hobbies, my life is overall full and interesting. I also tried dating again, but it just wasn't good. I felt like I forced myself to it and I didn't enjoy it all. I want my ex. I don't want ANY guy or any relationship, I want my ex. I have problem with people, I think most of them are boring and I don't feel comfortable staying too long with someone. It's always been like that. And I know it's gonna take years again until I find someone I actually like spending time with and being intimate. All relationships I had had few years gap in between where I would just be single. I'm introvert. I feel better alone. So I don't know really what I should do. We still talk from time to time but I know he is over me and is not missing me at all. We've been no contact, we've been in contact, and he is just so indifferent with it all. I know have to move on but for fuck sakes I just can't. He is always super nice to me and he is not dating anyone, he hasn't since we broke up. Few months ago I broke down and told him I still love him and he just said that he doesn't want to get back together right now, like maybe in the future when he fixes his problems. I think about him every day. I had boyfriends before but I never hold on to someone for this long. My last break ups were also sad but it only took me like few weeks to get over them. And I've been for years with them as well. There's just something special about this one. Something is seriously keeping me from losing my feelings for him, like something knows he's gonna come back. I'm not sad about it, it actually makes me feel good when I think about it.


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  • If you live on false hope that someday you both will get back together , then you will never move forward.
    The future holds no guarantee that you will be together some day.
    He tells you that you may... but what if that happens years from now or never (that he takes to get himself together)?
    Is that what you want? To waste your time.

    I think the only thing to aide in the process of getting over him is to look at the reality.
    You may never get back together.
    No matter how much it hurts , you have to accept that.
    See a future without him.

    Don't even try to date.
    You're not over this guy and until you get over him, you will ruin every relationship you have.
    You'll compare the guys you get to him.
    They will notice and it will cause things to tear down.

    Continue giving yourself time to heal.
    But please take my advice.
    It will help you.
    You'll get over him , maybe not as quickly as you want.
    But you will.

    Best wishes


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