How do you know if your ex wants you back?

But he's dating someone else.

I mean I'm around a lot but his girlfriend is there but he doesn't seem to care that much to be around her from what I see but from what I hear he does. It seems like he doesn't want to act like a couple & feels awkward but other times he seems just fine


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  • Like seriously go look at the other post. That answer is right there.

    Makes initiative to reach out to you either directly or through mutual friends and relatives.

    Looks at you or touches you the same as when he or she first met you

    Hangs around longer, in person an on phone, or sends you frequent short emails, whatever he or she can to be near you.

    Makes effort not just to improve him or herself but let you know they are doing their best to make themselves more attractive to you. This includes working though inner issues, improving personal appearance, getting a better job or anything to become more financially stable, committing to spiritual growth, becoming more social etc.

    Makes a lot of sincere effort to explain and make it right if he or she suspects they've done something to upset or disappoint you; e.g. if he or she told you they'd call at a certain time, but didn't.

    Steers conversations to talking about your breakup and how things could have been better.

    Alludes to a future that includes you in it.

    - Harvey D


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