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So today my boyfriend and I had a fight, but the kicker is this I said my mistake for loving you because he got so upset over me trying to help me find a job. I love him so much but he thinks I don't. I fully cook, begged my parents to give me another chance (strict christans), help him pay for stuff, everything I do its for out future (or I thought). He said somethings like because I am a girl I don't understand, he's a loser, lms (money, status and l I for got). I felt like he was being disrespectfull to me. At the end of our convo he said I don't want you. That crushed me and he said I never loved him 😢. I don't know what to do?


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  • Tell him how you really feel I guess , spill it all out , tell him you didn't mean it and how what he said hurt you

    • Should I wait for him to calm down

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    • Ask him if he cares about how you feel or so

    • UPDATE: He did all this because he thought he wasn't a man.

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