Girls, Ex girlfriend is still writing me and keeping tabs? Likes me still?

Hello :) id just like to get a girls pov on why my ex girlfriend is still trying to write me/talk to me. She broke up with me back in February and since then she's been writing me 2-3 times a month. After being with her for 4 years, the break up hit me pretty hard. I told her it was best we not talk and give me time to focus on myself. She then got upset with me and started saying things like "delete me off social media" "lets not talk or see each other ever again" etc. I told her she was overreacting and i just needed time to get over the breakup. She didn't get the memo lol. I just found out 2 weeks ago she's had a new boyfriend since early June? And JUST DAYS before she got with him she was planning with me this summer and do all these things together and im just confused lol. Also just recently she asked ME for help with some things online and im thinking why not ask your boyfriend right? Lol. Its just all confusing to me. We actually had a really good relationship so I don't know why all this mess.


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  • To put it bluntly tell her to get lost. She's playing with your emotions to see if she still has some kinda hold over you and to make sure you are really sweating the breakup. Don't do anything for whether it's a simple thing or not. A clean break and she can develop her relationship with her boyfriend and you can find a new girl. Move away from this because it will just keep banging around in your head and keep you stalled.

    • Makes sense. Seems like she didn't want me to know about this guy since she restricted me from seeing certain things on FB lol. I've bee moving away from this slowy and i just want to help her bwcause i care about her a lot. When she writes me i dont respond right away since i dont want to seem desperate or something.

    • Don't respond at all. I know it's easy to write do this and do that but it's hard when emotions are involved. I wouldn't respond to her because she's not playing fairly and it's just going to continue to hurt more and more. At the end of the day you will do whatever you want but she's got a new guy in her life but still contacting you. She's playing with fire tbh.

    • That is pretty difficult lol. In one had it would be for the best and on the other i dont want to seem like a complete ahole, just busy. I have made NO effort to contact her at she its all been on her side. Funny because when we had just got together she had broken up with another guy and blocked off alll communication with this guy for about a year or so. He would message her and she would just ignore it. She did not want to talk to this guy at all. Its the complete opposite with me lol. She has no trace of this new guy anywhere, no pictures or nothing lol im 100% sure she doesn't even know that i know of him. You woul assume she would have a pucture with him or something lol. I wonder why the secrecy from me. At this point she can do whatever she wants, but why all the trouble of hiding it from me? Thanks for responding by the way :) helps a lot.

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