The other way around. What did your ex do that made YOU get back with THEM? All answers welcome?

Everybody posts about how they lost someone or got back with someone but We never hear the other side of the story. What did they do that got you to give them another try?


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  • None of my exes wanted to get back together and neither did I. But since I'm still attached to my newest ex, I guess what he would need to do is change and be straight to the point when trying to get me back (I don't like small talks and mind games, don't ask me what I'm doing just tell me straight what you want). He would need to give me all the answers I need and to show me that he really really wants me, to convince me that. He would need to chase me and make me fall in love with him again. Like for example, before we broke up he was very lazy to hop on a plane and visit me, so he would need to do that if he wants to talk to me. He would need to be very needy and clingy lol, like he was when we met. I liked his goofiness.

    • Well that works xD. What about a grand dramatic act of romance? Like flowers, a singing group, and he shows up in person wearing a suit and gives you a giant teddy bear?

    • Haha yeah that's also a good one :D

  • I never post the love dub story of a broke up and getting back together, that is something personal.


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