How to get over a peaceful/ mutual break up?

I have always been the one dumped in the past. This time around, my girlfriend and I of 8 months knew we would be breaking up evenutually when we first started datign because I was visiting the country for a year and she would be starting university this month right when I went home, so it worked out for the time being. We also both admited an LDR would be dumb, especially as niether one of us had a want to change nationalities and she had 3 years of university to enjoy.

I guess I am used to a bitter break up with resent and hate to fall back on, but I dont feel any of that... just longing that we had more time together. I didn't even see us staying together forever in the long run even if circumstances were different... but I miss her so much more than I thought I would when it was leading up to our final good byes... She was sad too and wanted it to keep going by the way.

any tips on how to deal with such a mutual/peacful break up?


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  • Talk to someone you trust (and who isn’t already biased against your ex). It helps to have a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on during this time. You will have moments of doubt and despair, and it will help to have another, more objective person’s perspective. Give yourself a break.

    It’s normal to feel the pain of separation. Allow yourself to cry, allow yourself to feel the loss, allow yourself to lean on a helping hand. Give yourself time to heal. Do not expect that you will move on from the breakup so soon.

    Good luck.


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  • Just remember and cherish the good times you had and move on. Be thankful it ended this way.

    • See, I keep feeling like I just want to forget about her entirely and move on, but at the same time I don't want to go because she was really special to me... Usually I just try and forget and move on as fast as I can, but I'm not sure I want to do it this way...

      I am thankful it ended the way it did if it was going to end that way anyway, you are right.

    • No, you don't need to forget, dude. Actually you can live on and remember. I mean, if you ever have a sad day, you can come back to the memories you had with her.

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  • I think the breakups which end civilly are definitely harder to move on from, i've mostly been cheated on or its ended during arguments, but the relationships which have ended with no real hate or anger, have been the ones i've found the most difficult to forget about and move on from. I guess all you can really do is be glad you can look back at the good memories, be glad you met that person and they changed your life, but realise it wasn't meant to be.


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