Does anyone agree after a break up the loyal ones have trouble finding someone else and the unloyal ones move on so quickly?

Last year I was involved with my cousin's best friend and we ended things this year in February, over an argument that he started he thought it was ok to talk to me any which way so I couldn't take it and told him off and since he called me a bitch and told me he hoped I died I called his mother a bitch which I regret and after that he never talked to me again. I really liked him a lot and was there for him and I never did him wrong yet he just moved on from me so quickly and to make matters worse we were "together" for 6 months yet he never considered me a girlfriend but after we stopped talking supposedly he had someone. I still miss him but I know for sure he doesn't miss or think about me and a couple of weeks ago I went with my cousin so he can bring him something by his house and he acted like I didn't even exist a simple hello would have been nice. I just don't understand just because I told him that he acted like I did one of the worst things in the world.


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  • That has been my experience. I have been cheated on multiple times, and it seems those slutts always have multiple guys lined up to replace me. Last year a woman I thought was my soul mate did this to me and I still hurt from it.

    I think it's because loyal people like us actually care about someone other than ourselves. Wheras the cheaters just care about satisfyingbtheir base needs and impulses.


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  • I agree with you. People that move on very fast most likely have another potential partner lined up before breaking up with you. Very dishonest, because they clearly are not as invested in the relationship with you. Yet, they don't tell you. They go out with you, sleep with you, live with you, they tell you "I love you" (without actually knowing what "love" means), they pretend that everything is ok... when in fact they are looking around for their next partner. It so disrespectful. So manipulative. And when they dump you out of the blue, leaving you puzzled and terribly hurt, you realize that everything you had with them was a big fat lie. Manipulators, self-centered individuals that only think of their convenience, not of the consequence of their actions on others. And when they are done with you, most of the times they pretend they don't even know you. My thought is that they act so cold because they know deep inside that they acted as selfiesh a$$holes, they feel shame, they know you are much better than them, and hiding everything pretending that you do not even exist is the only way they have to convince themselves that they are worth something. My suggestion: give him the same treatment - ignore him and try to move on. Much better awaits.

    PS: sometimes during arguments we say hurtful things we do not mean. I'm not saying this is ok. But a mutual apology and forgiveness should be te way to go.


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  • Yeah I agree, I don't know why it's like that but it always feels like you were the only one who cared about the relationship and/or was in love. In arguments people say things because they're hurt or outta anger but it you can never take it back. I've been in a really very simillar situation so i know what you're going through


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