Why do guys block girls on Iphone, email etc. ?

I had been dating this guy for months... he had a lot of issues and we recently had an intense discussion after he cooked me dinnner where he started to tell me everything negative about my life he did not like (kids, long distance job, felt how he was missing out on his friends as he was staying days at my home because he was ill) I never met any of his friends during this time despite asking and how he felt nervous about answering or looking at his phone in front of me... I suspected he was talking to other women and where in the beginning he told me if anyone contacted him the last few weeks he told me nothing in fact he deleted conversations) my response to this negative discussion was I offered to walk away from the relationship, I could not change having kids or my job and for his friends, well I had made multiple requests to meet them and offered to be part of his life.. he then begged me not to give up on him.. three days later his last words to me on the phone was, I will ring you in the morning... the relationship had not been going well he had a lot of issues both physically (illness) and personally.. going through acrimonous divorce... so when he did not ring the next morning I had decided not to contact him for a week. No text or phone calls or email. A week later I thought contact him to see how he is doing and to be honest I was going to end it with him... only to discover he had blocked me from his phone and emails. Why would a man do this? Could he have not just sent a simple text and ended it if thats what he wanted? Why block me? its not like I was a nuisance? prior to this we text each other daily multiple times.
My friends tell me he will be back when he is ready to talk to me... I hope not.. I have been hurt enough..
yes he contacted me and gave me more excuses... my response hope you sort your life out and take care... I need to recover from the disappoint of this and move on


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  • 1) He does not like many things of you that you can't change like kids and job (and, please, never ever give up your job for him!)

    2) He does not introduce you to his friends (really? Why? Is he ashamed of you, or is he ashamed of his friends? What is he hiding?).

    3) He blames you for missing out on his friends (or another woman?) when in reality you have no fault - he was at home sick (and he actually should be grateful to you for taking care of him!).

    4) He is not comfortable talking/looking at the phone in front of you (who is he talking to?).

    I am afraid this guy is hiding something, perhaps another woman. Also, he is not into you... he is USING you. He sticks around until it is convenient. When he gets what he wants, he finds excuses to blame you and disappears from you life like that? I am sorry you have to deal with such and a**hole. He is selfish. He is not man enough to talk to you, instead he vanishes into thin air!

    He may have a lot of issues to solve, but this does not allow him to treat you without respect. OP, you are better off without him. If he contacts you, ignore him. You are wise when you say you hope he will not contact you - always trust your gut feelings! Focus on yourself. Focus on your kids - you do not need another one. You will surely find someone better.


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  • It depends. Usually it's because...
    1.) He's just not that into her and she doesn't get it.
    2.) She has 'crazy-tendencies' and shows a pattern for weird, inappropriate behavior
    3.) There's another woman in his life who doesn't want you around and she made him do the blocking or did it herself.

  • He took the cowardly way out. A classic Dick move


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