How is it so easy for some people to walk away and never look back?

When my ex and I were together we were in contact every day for one year. We loved each other. He ended the relationship two months ago and we've been in touch only twice via e-mail (once initiated by me and once initiated by him).
How can people walk away from something special so easily and never look back? Do people eventually realize what they've lost?


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  • Well, some people are mentally very strong and once they decide never to look back, they won't no matter how much you would want them to care about you, they won't do that, what is important to such people is their principles and some people follow this as a strict principle, that is never to look back and just lead their lives.

    • This is true.
      My ex is also very prideful, which makes it even more likely for him to never look back, but who knows...

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  • It's hard to walk away from someone you love.
    But some people are able to do it.
    I will list a few of the reasons below:

    A) The person didn't love the other in the first place, so walking away is easy. How can they miss what they feel they never lost in the first place?

    B) The person really DID love their significant other but they were hurt so much in the relationship, that they feel they have no choice but to move on.
    Looking back... doesn't allow progress.
    So, they stand committed behind their words and do so.
    Every day is a battle but they constantly remember,
    being alone is better than being together with someone, that causes pain and hurt.
    This person pretty much weighs their options.
    They stand behind their goal.

    "Do people eventually realize what they've lost?"
    Some people may think they know what they want, but realize later that their decision wasn't the best.
    This is called "regret".
    This happens to some people.
    They eventually contact the person they broke up with in efforts of getting back together.

    Other people,
    don't believe they've "lost" any thing if they've been inflicted with hurt the entire time. In their minds, they are only gaining. Never losing.

    • Thanks for your perspective. I do agree, however I don't fit either of the above. I know we both loved and cared for one another deeply, but at the end he felt we weren't comparable. Although I never felt this way. We never fought or anything like that. It seems to me he is just looking for something what he believes is better.

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    • Thanks for your response. I'm sure it was
      hard for him and I know he cared for me. It just seems like such a shame to give up on a growing relationship that has so much potential. As it was his choice to end the relationship and I said what I needed to say after it ended, I do not intend to initiate any contact with him.

    • No problem. I think that's the right thing to do then. He let you go... so you have to do the same.

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  • I think people are disconnected now. There's no bonding taking place... people are very individualistic. Try splitting up after 4 years when you have all sorts of memories in place.

    • Disconnected is a good way to put it. It's really quite unfortunate that people are unable to see something so great right in front of them and can so easily discard something special. Sorry to hear about your relationship ending. 4 years is a long time. That must be hard.

    • Yeah it's pretty hard. It is what it is I guess.

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