About the pain of separation, what do you think?

When you leave, how do you feel? Sadness, Anger, Revenge, bla blaa.. So what do you do?


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  • It really depends how the break up was.
    Sometimes I may feel emotions of happiness.
    Perhaps, I got rid of a someone who was mistreating me so it was way over do (and truly is a moment of glory).

    Or perhaps... I didn't break up on my own terms (this person broke things off with me).
    If I didn't see it coming... then I'd feel sad and hurt.

    If this person broke up with me to leave me for another , I'd probably feel angry.

    It really all depends on the break itself.
    Sometimes I may even feel a mix a emotions and not just one particular one.

    I never feel like I want revenge though. I'm the sort of person to accept reality and try to move on from that (no matter what the scenario is).


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  • I feel sadness but I get over it quick.


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