Do guys still think of their ex or first love/partner?

I was with my ex for 3 years, when he broke it off with me, i was still living with him until the leaae ended on the rental, then i got my own place. He would text and call me once a week or once every 2 weeks and ask to see me ( i would text just as much aswell) and when he would call or come over he would flirt, make a move and we would hook up and such, it would feel like we were together again. But then he got another girlfriend which he has been seeing for just over 4 months now. I am still very in love with my ex and i miss him every day, i have tried to date again but in all honesty, i am still heart broken and longing for my ex. i dont think we will ever get back together but GUYS do you still think about your ex/first love/partner? He was someone who i had a lot of ups and downs with, amazing times and bad times, but i know he loved me just as much as i loved him... guys (or/and girls) input PLEASE, Do they still have thoughts about us?
would be amazing thankyou!! xo


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  • Of course, you never forget your first love.

    • i hope he doesn't forget me, and still thinks about the times we had together. Its driving me crazy because i feel like im the only one missing him, and he wouldn't be missing me at all

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  • I believe that the moment they stop contacting us (especially if in a new relationship) they stop thinking about us. That means they moved on and they will never get their feelings back for us. It sucks, I know, I'm the same boat.

    • do you really think that the feelings are 100% gone though? especially after a long term relationship, and i was his first everything

    • Yeah I do. At least when it comes to feelings. But if you were his first love then you might cross his mind from time to time. I asked my ex if he still thinks about me and he said "Sometimes, but not in a girlfriend kind of way".

    • oh okay, its just so confusing because he broke up with me, then was contacting me and wanting to see me after the break up, i was trying to hold on as well, he gave me a lot of mixed signals up until he met his new girlfriend, thats why i just hope he still thinks of me because he must of still loved me

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  • Well, yes we think of our exes, but thinking of them and wanting to get back together are very different things. Seems to me he has made it pretty clear what he wants so its really best for you to move on.


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