Is he lying? Boyfriend claimed he was drugged?

I am with my boyfriend for three months. Before this we were close friends for two years before we committed.

Today while walking on the street I was confronted by a group of people. I have no idea who they was. They ask if I'm his girlfriend I say yes.

They then showed me a video through iPad. In the video was a camcorder recording people breaking into a room and found two person in bed sleeping naked. The guy sleeping in the video is my boyfriend, and the girl is one of the people's wife.

My boyfriend claimed he was drugged by the girl and didn't have any memory what happened. The time they were caught was in the afternoon so I doubt if they were drinking.

Point is, is he lying bout getting drugged or telling the truth?

I had an ex boyfriend before this but broke up two years ago. I know from friends that he is still keeping tabs on me from time to time. And my ex blames that it must be my ex who set up this whole thing to destroy our relationship. Thing is my ex is in Vietnam and we r in Melbourne.

Do u girls and guys think he's lying?


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  • Personally, i think he is lying. If you saw him in bed with a girl on the video then he can't deny he cheated, he can only make excuses up for his betrayal. When someone lies to you it means they don't think you deserve the truth

    How was did he even put himself in a vulnerable position to be drugged and then a video e even in a situation with the girl to

    • Sorry submitted before i had finished typing.

      I don't mean to be rude but the definition of a fool is " seeing the truth, hearing the truth but believing a lie". He is playing you. The story is too far fetched 💟

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    • Sorry gor errors using mobile 😞

    • For* lol

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  • Honnestly, it sounds very suspicious.. I would be careful.. I knew a girl in a similar position and turns out the guy actually did cheat on her and was aware.

    But, your boyfriend may be telling the truth-maybe he really was drugged. I'd say have an open conversation with him and see how he reacts, tell him that if he was really drugged and raped and it's on tape, he HAS TO report it to the police. If he becomes hesitant, I would think he's lying..:(

  • Did he tell you about the drugging/ lapse in memory before you were confronted by the video? How long ago did the event take before you seen the video?

  • He's lying, if he was drugged he would've been unaware of it unless someone told him. He is a complete idiot for accusing the girl of committing a crime like that against him.


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