Girls! what's going on here, EXPLAIN please?

Been broken up with my ex for about 12 weeks now, she ended it. we were only together for about 4 months. Recently she has been snapchatting me a lot. more than ever, a lot of privet ones only to me, and we are both bestfriends as there is the heart icon next to her name. Anyway I decided to test the waters and text her, for the first time in a few weeks. she responed really well and replied with a few very long descriptive texts and asked about me and how I was. anyway in her next text she asked me if I had found another girl yet? ( why is she asking this) I didn't lie and said no, I haven't found anyone that intrstests me. (I still like her) anyway since sending her that text she's not yet to reply which isn't uncommon as she use to take a while, however she sent me a few snapchats of her in her bikini before she goes swimming. My questions are. Why is she asking if I've found another girl yet? and why is she sending me snapchats in her bikini but not answering my texts? ( playing hard to get? ) she has to consiously tick my name so its not a case of sending them to anyone.


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  • She wants you back and she probably is teasing you in a cute, flirty way just like a guy Snapping a picture of his abs to a girl. Good luck and you should try to talk to her againâ˜ș!


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  • I would tell her to stop sending snaps unless she wants something


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  • She is playing around with you.


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