I like him, he likes me, he's got a girlfriend?

I really like this one guy, an I think he likes me too. I can tell because he always texts me, looks at me when I'm not looking, and asks me to hang out. The thing is, he's got a girlfriend of 2 months but she goes to a different school, so they don't see each as much as he sees me. What should I do? I feel like whenever I talk to him, he's cheating on his girlfriend. And if he likes me, why won't he break up with his girlfriend? Should I leave him and his relationship alone?


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  • In the end it matters how you really feel. If he doesn't break up with this girl for you it shows that no matter how much he cheats on her there's some reason (whether he still really likes her) that they stay together. I would let it play out. They'll either break up in the end (which then you'll have him for yourself) or stay together and if that's the case not worth it.

    Just a warning if he cheated on one girl he can probably cheat again.


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