What's your deepest, darkest secret?

Got a skeleton in your closet? I wanna know. Vent. Let it out. Tell the world. (anonymously, if you prefer). I won't judge you. Here, I'll go first.

I'm hesitant about my new boyfriend because I really really miss my ex, and even though I know he won't come back, I'm still hoping that one day he will, and he'll be back in my life. I feel bad for my boyfriend because he's really into me, and I know I'm into him, but there's just that little hope in the back of my mind that my ex will come back to see me and everything will be the same as it was before.

Well, that feels better. Now your turn.

*skeleton. Stupid typos.


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  • Ok I'm going to answer this anonoymous so this doesn't come back to haunt me cause I answer questions here frequently.

    For 4 years I tried to get girls to like me I tried getting into a relationship a one night stand anything to make me feel like I was wanted, after 4 years of getting nothing I had meet up with a guy friend who had a simular problem and one night after a few drinks he ran a crazy idea by me that we could both make each other feel good so we went to his house that night when we knew his parents where out of town and we gave each other bj's.

    Yeah I know that is really messed up and I do regret it but then again it was a major event that made me who I am. Oh and in case your wondering the me and the guy kind of never really talked to each other much after that.


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  • Uhmmmm... It's a really good one, but the thing is I CAN KEEP A SECRET!


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  • hmm... if I just let it out to the world it won't be a secret anymore

    • That's the point. Hah.

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    • Mm. Well I was going out with this guy over the summer, and then he moved across the country and we got out of touch. I have a new boyfriend now who I really like, but I'm regretting not spending more time with my ex.

    • Yeah I've also dated after he leaft and I decided to let him go but its not that easy even if the guy I dated made me forget about him I'm back were I started

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