Girl of which country shall I marry so that there are least chances of a divorce?

I would not like having more than one marriage or get divorced. People in my family/culture don't get divorced but I'm not living in my country right now (so don't say that get married to the girl of your own country). Why do women from some countries (U. S. for example... no offence) eager to get divorced?


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  • Try an Asian. Very low divorce rate.


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  • you're doing it all wrong.

    I assume what you meant is that you don't want to want to get divorced. In some countries divorce is not really legal or practically unacceptable, but what good is being in marriage in which you're totally unhappy?

    People in the west tend to get divorced more often because they think they deserve to happy or at least happier than they are in a relationship. While people in other areas just tend to stick with the relationship no matter what.

    There's no guarantee for a happy marriage and it's certainly not culture depended, it depends on the person so choose wisely

    • Well the culture does influence a person's behaviour on some level. I think once you get married you can't be so selfish to think only about yourself and your own happiness. You have to think about other people too. The children and other family members ofcourse. When in a relationship before marriage only you and your partner will have to face the consequences of a break-up... other other hand in a divorce a lot of people suffer because of it other than your partner. So after marriage I'm all for sticking with one person no matter what.

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    • I have no idea what divorce rates anywhere in the world and I don't concern myself with it. Statistics mean nothing to the individual

      There might a one in a billion chance of you getting cancer but what good is that if you're the one?

    • but that does tell us something, my point is that general attitude of people amongst whom we live and the environment we live in would always influence our behaviour doesn't matter whether we like it or not.

  • If you do not want to divorce... do not get married at all. Unfortunately there is no 100% guarantee of a successful marriage, no matter where the person you marry comes from.
    In our individualistic, superficial, and materialistic culture the happiness and wellness of the single seem always more important that the happiness and wellness of the community (couple/family). People think they are entitled to be happy, they deserve to be happy... and they do and take whatever they need to be happy, no matter if their happiness means hurting others. It's sad. :( Also, people don't give marriage the right importance. They get married without thinking that a relationship means giving and receiving and that it requires time, effort, compromise, empathy, selfless commitment, respect, COMMUNICATION... People are unhappy in their relationship for whatever reasons (PS: The term abuse is often... abused)? Break up! Divorce! It's much easier to dump someone, turn page and search for someone new (until they become unhappy with their new partner and the story repeats itself), instead of working together to solve problems and to build a solid relationship together.
    I agree with you that people (both genders!) from certain countries seem to file for divorce more easily than others... However, in this global culture bad habits are the first to be copied.

    • well in some cultures cheating might be more acceptable, so yes the nationality of the girl will matter to a certain extent, but obviously everyone is an individual also

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