Girls, is my girlfriend about to leave me and is there something I can do about it?

My girlfriend and I have been together for a couple of months now, it's been pretty fun and I really love her atm. But she had this thing with school and there was alcohol involved. She had been drinking a bit of wine and texted me that she didn't really feel it anymore. I dropped by and she was drinking beer with some guy from class when I arrived. It seemed like they were flirting and teasing, but the guy straight pointed his attention at me when I came by. He introduced himself and asked me what I do. I felt kinda pissed and me and the girlfriend decided to leave, we had a bit of an argument because of him. The next night we hang out again, and this guy is there also. It's pretty crowded at the table and he socializes pretty much with everyone at the table, then buys a round, so some of us also buy a round. So after I have a couple of beers, I go to this guy and apologize for the last time, and tell him it's off between the girlfriend and I and that was the reason I acted like I did. So he says to me that he really enjoys my gf's company and really thinks she's a fun person but he wouldn't break a relationship. He also told me not to screw it up because he will be "around". So we get to talking and end up exchanging numbers, and discussing books and movies. My girlfriend gets all pissed now because I hated the guys guts at first, and now befriend him. A couple of hours later we decide to go and he comes up to me and hugs me, then he turns to my girlfriend and he opens his arms and she hugs him back.
They have known eachother for 3 days, and the first day they didn't even speak. So 2 in fact.
What can I do to keep her, I'm not the most confident guy and I really love her, but it seems unstable eventho she doesn't show it. And what does the text mean. Also my girlfriend sat besides him instead of me and their faces were like inches apart, staring in eachothers eyes. I got mad and walked away.


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  • This guy is only a threat if you allow him to be.

    He clearly likes your girl, and she seems to enjoy the attention he gives her.
    If she respects you , she will not cross boundaries with him.
    However if you continue to weaken yourself by showing all of your insecurities, they will move in on each other (if they both are that type of person).

    Initially, you never liked their relationship.
    Now, you have learned to be okay with it.
    However, it's always going to keep digging into your skin if you don't get it through your mind that she is with you (not him).
    If she decides to cheat on you with him... you have to realize it was inevitable (there was nothing you could do to prevent it)
    You have to accept reality and come to the realization that, she screwed things up. Not you.
    It's her lost... because she lost a great guy (over someone who offers infatuation that will eventually fade).

    • The thing is, he is a pretty cool guy. He even rejected like two girls in front of me, just to speak to me. But what worries me is the fact that she texted me that after they were together for a couple hours. Is it because of him that she said this to me or is it because she probably really doesn't feel it anymore, and it's a matter of time.

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