Friendship ended horribly, but yet she still views my sister's snapchat MyStories and not mine? Why is that?

Background info:

My ex-best friend and I had a pretty bad breakup in terms of our friendship ending. Long story short, she was manipulative and started bullying me and getting our friend group to do it too, but she thought she was just trying to "help". She then did some really weird crap that made me realize she was not the kind of person I wanted to be around (it was sexual stuff - if you want to know just ask in the comments). She was also very immature. All of this together caused me to end the friendship. Then when we got back to school I accidentally (YES, accidentally) called her a whore. Then everything all went downhill for me. I ended up transferring high schools the next year.

Anyway back to the question at hand. After all of this bad stuff that went down between her and I, she still views my sisters' snap chat MyStories. She won't view mine, but she'll view hers even if they have me in them. Why is that? I just want some ideas of why she might do that. What do you think?


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  • She's just trying to get to you

    • Yeah, I feel like she is. I just think it's so petty and stupid. Since I used to be her friend, I know how her mind works and I know how my old friend group will talk a lot of shit about the person they were once friends with, but that person left the group. I'm sure she still talks about me, no doubt.

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