It's been almost 6 months it's over and I still miss him. Should I move on or try harder to get him back?

We met at the beginning of 8th grade and we went out for 3 months (oct.25-jan.8, 2013). 4 months after I left him, I started missing him. He was flirting with another girl but that lasted 2 months. Long story short, my feelings came back and I was madly in love with him during all my 9th grade. He never thought I still had feelings for him, but we always had a flirt going on. One day, he asked me if i'd like to come to his house with another friend. Of course I said yes. We had a lot of fun, and then he kissed me. He told me I was beautiful and I think my heart exploded at this moment.3 weeks later we were officially going out (june 2nd,2014) and we had an intense relationship. We had our fights but we loved eachother so much, it didn't matter. He told me it was the first time he ever loved a girl this much and that he wanted me forever, he was talking about kids, marriage, etc. I loved him too. A lot. He was the one. I've waited for him for almost a year and he was finally mine. Sadly, he was overpossessive and jealous. I left him twice because of that, but came back after a week. I was missing him too much. The second time we came back together we lasted a week. He left me. He didn't love me no more and wasn't happy anymore. I broke down in tears, stopped eating, I was a mess. We kissed after school but he said we weren't getting back together. We had fights afterwards, multiple fights. I said a lot of things I regret. I know I hurted him too. 2 months after he broke up, he sent me a giant e-mail insulting me. I replied insulting him back, he never answered, I don't think he even read it.1 month later, he inboxed me on facebook (june 26th) saying he was sorry for that e-mail. he was nice. I started thinking about him everyday. I wanted him back. He saw a girl during summer, but I don't think they're going out. 3 days before school started, he added me back on facebook, but he totally ignores me when he walks by me at school. Is he still mad at me? Should I go talk to him?
I forgot a lot of things... After our break up, we constantly tried to get eachother's attention. He flirted with other girls, I cried. I wasn't even trying to flirt with other guys just to not hurt him. When he apologized, he told me he was seeing the school's psychologist just like me. He also told me he was having a hard time at school, at home, he got in a fight with his football team and a lot of other people. After his apology, I contacted him again saying I was sorry for being rude.
I never knew he was having a hard time. I thought he didn't care about the break up at all. Weeks passed, and I was missing him (I wanted him back). So I added him back on ps4. Just to send him a subtle sign that I missed him. He accepted (yay?). As I said, he was seeing another girl but I was seeing other guys too. To get my mind off of him. I spent a week at my friend's chalet and we were 8 friends. One of them was my ex's friend. He told us that my ex was really sad...


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  • and that he was kind of having a depression. My heart stopped for a second, I was sad to know that he was sad. His friend also told me that everytime they talked about me he was always mad, insulting me, so he clearly still had feelings for me. That put me in a better mood because a week before I was crying because I thought he was going out with another girl. I guess not. But then at school he totally ignores me and flirts with multiple girls, then checks for my reaction, it hurts a lot but I hide it from everyone. Even my friends. (I couldn't add another update, so here it is :P)

  • dont talk to him!


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