Do you notice your ex again?

people do you notice your ex after you break up. lets say you saw them 6 months or a year or 2 years after you broke up would you check them out again? would you want to talk to them again? would you be attracted to them again? would anything make you want to be with them again? what runs through your mind.

if they were dressed nice, in shape, and put themselves together very well would this affect your thinking as opposed to them being fat and in need of a hair cut.

if they had a better job and had a brighter future would this mean anything to you? would the way they treated you when you dated mean anything.

also how would you go about talking to them if you do find them interesting again.


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  • It's a lot easier to notice things these days with social networking, especially if you hadn't deleted them from friends. but usually relationships break for reasons other than looks or prospects and people would do well to remember those things.

    • Plesae tell me more

    • The strength of a relationship is ultimately in people's ability to deal with issues that arise. Such abilities are not easily improved which is why people typically have the same problems with many relationship but It's all to easy to fall into a trap of thinking because a person appears different, the other things which were a problem might have gone away.

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