What does it mean when the relationship is over and your ex boyfriend tells your friend he has never stopped loving you?

Could really use some advice from more people. Please read! thxs


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  • He still loves u!
    He does not want to let u go and want the things back but because of some problems between u he can not ask u out directly!


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  • a lot of things. it depends on the reason: did he cheat on you or abuse you? then it doesn't mean squat.

    • We broke up due to not being able to compromise he wants me to move into his appt n i want him to move into my house. On top of it he was disrespectful n choose to tel me he wants to stat friends with some girl a million miles away that he barely knows even tho i told him to cut it off he did but didn't like that he had to after we broke up he added her bk. So what is he still trying to get at?

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    • Also he did confront me that time... he confessed that he isn't the best with boundaries so yh lol thanks

    • think it could be too much alcohol?

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