What's going through this girls mind?

So me and my girlfriend broke up 2 weeks ago and after the break up she told me let's start over and be friends. But then like a couple days later I was still texting her and she started to ignore me. So then I finally ask her if she's moving on and she responds it's not like I'm dating anyone else but I'm moving on. Assuming that we're still friends I still tell her good luck in her games and she sometimes responds thank you. I've also kind of been a dick to her since then like I tweeted it's amazing how some people can twist a heart for days and then rip it out but when you tell them too. I've seen her in public twice and I looked at her with a smile and she completely ignored me and walked right past me like I didn't exist. What's going through this girls mind? Is she trying to erase every memory that she has of me by ignoring me? I'm clueless on what's going through her mind right now.


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  • Maybe when she told you that u guys should start over & be friends, she didn't actually mean be close friends but just be friendly & cool with u one another but not like BFFs. So that's why she isn't being all buddy buddy with u & keeping distance. Im sure u seen how couples break up but dont really talk to each other cuz its awkward to be friends w/ ur ex.

    But when did u tweet that message about her, after she said let's be friends & start over or? Cuz she could just be really upset with that tweet u posted & she mad & wants to ignore u cuz if it.

    • I tweeted that when she said she was moving on. She is a very sensitive person too

    • Yeah then she must be angry with ur tweet, so that's why she's ignoring u. Her being sensitive explains why she's is ignoring u two, she took it to heart.

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