Ex-Girlfriend Lies, Goes With Guy Leaving For Afghanistan?

-This happened this past Christmas when my girlfriend (ex now) calls me and said we needed a break. She said it was to "find herself." She had been drinking more and not answering my calls all of a sudden because one of her good friends passed away and her best friend was moving away. She said I was calling her parents but I did as a worried boyfriend because was on the day of her friends wake. I trusted her after everything that happened and did whatever it took to make her happy. I feel there is np in doing that. She had lied to parents and others but to me I guess I was fooled. The problems suddenly brought out her true colors. I was there for everything for this girl besides her friend wake but had school, but called her to keep in check. I would get mad once every 4 or 5 times she drank because she complained about her stomach problems. I feel her saying I tried to control her was wrong and she was just looking for a way out. She lied about a few things and said there was no one else and when I said I do not take breaks she couldn't even say over the phone whether she wanted to break-up or not. I put I was single on my FB and than found out she was dating someone else and saying she loved him already. In 4 days this girl managed to say she loved me and calling my parents about my Christmas present to 4 days later wanting a break. This girl lives an hour away or so. Anyways she says on Facebook she is with him and he says he is still single. I feel since he has been around before that he probably tells more than 1 girl the same things he promised to my ex. I am turning 21 soon and had a great New Years being single. I will have to see her @ school again and I still love/care about her but what she did I don't want to be with her @ least not now or anytime soon. We went out for over 4 months and other than a bumpy first month with her ex we were happy together.I feel in the future but not right away with going back to school she will want me around and keep me on the hook or want another person with her guy away. I feel with the guy not saying he is dating her, that she might get hurt and I was everything to this girl that she never had dating a guy before. Any thoughts on if she still has feelings for me or with her decisions, let me know. Thanks


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  • It doesn't sound like you still like her and no one can blame you after what she just put you through. Honestly who cares what she feels about you. She already made her choice to be with this other guy already so why hang around after that. She sounds like a dishonest person as well.

    • -I still do..Update yesterday her best friend writes on my wall "Sorry for the way my friend is...Hope your doing well." I feel like the best frienen look d that was leaving that was mentioned in the story knew where I was coming from. Than except for a few pictures together they are all gone..I erased some myself but she also did as well..I feel this girl can't even look @ me after what she did ..Her saying we rushed into this..She came to see me and she said I Love You first,It's Unbelievable.

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