What does he want from me?

Me and this guy broke up two weeks ago... It was a nasty break up and I said horrible things to him because I feel cheated and he didn't give me explanation about why he suddenly "not in love with me" anymore. So he unfriended me on facebook and I couldn't send him messages on facebook anymore. We are not in the same country right now and I have no intention to call him or text him through my phone. However yesterday, I saw him left me a message on facebook that ask me if I can not hate him anymore. And he's like " you are one of my best friends I wish we can still be friends if you forgive me. I'm always here for you". A bad break up is bad enough and this guy broke me heart many times. Now I want nothing from him but just get over with it. So I just told him it's not a good time to be friends again and he didn't say anything. But Why he send that message and what does he want?


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  • best thing is to move on


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