Girls, I need some help with my first ex?

It began so:my first girlfriend name was sarah, sarah and i loved each other a lot but she knew what a perv i can be and then she decided HERSELF to strip for me per Skype everyday (she lives in switzerland, i live in germany) then one day she just broke up and said i would force her to strip for me and now she blocked me in a chat messenger, sometimes she just unblocks me and makes me very depressive and i have the problem that i just can't block people and also i still have feelings for her wich makes me feel so stupid :/ i just need help how to avoid contact and completly get over her, cause even my girlfriend can't help me. Ps:i dont have much feelings for her though


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  • Just start to think how she used you... how much she insulted you by blocking without a reason... life is about self respect and dignity... if you let this person have a piece in your mind... then you are letting her win... just block her and start loving your new girlfriend... she is worth your time... not the other one

  • Just think about how awful she makes you feel. Do try block her when you have a chance. This way your taking control not her.


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