10 months broken up and he insists on being friends?

so my ex and i broke up 10 months ago Its been a pretty bad break up. we tried the whole friends thing but when he got a new girlfriend he kept rubbing it in my face and making me feel bad about myself and trying to push me away. Theyve been together now just over 6 months. My ex and I have said goodbye so many times to eachother but for some reason he always comes back or i try and make friends work. Anyway i decided a month ago that i wasn't talking to him anymore because he wasn't being nice. So i ignored him for just under 30 days and he cracked the shits saying that im ignoring him and that he doesn't want a half arsed friendship and blah blah. SO I broke my silence again. He seems different this time. He hasn't said anything hurtful... yet. I just dont know what his deal is. In my opinion he seems lost, but he says his happier than ever and knows who is more than ever. His completely changed his whole career path too.

He has a girlfriend who he is extremely happy with. He never wanted to be friends anyway so now why does he care that I've ignored him.
Does anyone have some insight. I had just about wiped him out of my life completely and of course he comes back. But he isn't coming back to be with me. From someone who didn't want a friendship he now wants one.


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  • Sounds like a parasite to me, or a Dementor or some shit. He is just being a spiteful prick. Like he needs to show boat to you that he is doing better than you, which winds up making him look insecure and uncertain about his place.

    You gotta ignore him. It seems like he is using you as a platform to make himself seem like he is doing better, and he only wants your attention to see the makeshift pedestal he designed for himself. Just straight up tell the guy that he isn't what you'd define as a good friend and shut him out. If he gets upset or angry, it'll just validate it - you discussed this with him before, and he has disrespected your feelings before.

    • I feel like all in all I've done better with the break up then he has and i;ve shown him that. Thanks for your opinion :)

    • You'll probably be doing him a favor as well. This isn't healthy for him just as much as it isn't a good thing for you. And you're welcome :)

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