Do guys mostly break up with girls in the army?

i have a boyfriend who just went into basic a couple days ago and I feel like I'm going to lose him so I guess what I'm asking is that do guys break up with us girls most of the time or is it the other way round


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  • As a person who is in the army...maintaining a relationship while serving is pretty difficult. I train and move around a lot in different places and long term deployments make it something that not everyone can handle. From my standpoint I have been single for about a year because of this, when I left for basic my boyfriend and I did end up splitting...but that was mainly because I don't want someone at home worrying about me. Having said that, it doesn't mean that everyone copes with it in this way...chances are there will be times where your relationship will have to be by distance but if the two of you talk it out there's no reason why it can't work. Communication is key, if you both understand what you want then it will make life together much easier. A lot of my friends in the army sustain happy committed don't let this stereotype fool you.

    Always keep in mind that being the loved one of a soldier is never easy and they will always need your support. When he is away, don't nag him all the time about your relationship. Be his friend and be there for him.

    Best of luck to you both

  • my ex is in the army and he broke it off with me..not because he's leaving (it has nothing to do with that)...but it's about the struggle in our relationship..It can actually go both ways...if the girls don't think they can handle him being away for so long, then its usually the girls that break it off...but if you guys are very serious with each other and you are willing to wait for him and he completely trust you with him being away and won't cheat on him, then there should be nothing to worry about...Good Luck =)


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