This girl I have been crazy about finally kissed me. How do I interpret that?

So I was at this new years party and everyone was pretty drunk. And the girl that I have liked for a long time just came up to me out of nowhere and started like an in between a kiss and a make out with me for somewhere around three seconds. I went probably 10%... and she went 90%. Then she just walked away without saying a word. She was decently drunk but she definitely was not sh*tfaced. And then I noticed that she kissed the other people she kissed on the cheek. This means a lot to me cause I have always liked her a ton, and can't stop thinking about how she may feel about me. We have had some history in the past, she liked me probably two years ago but we never did anything, and then started liking some one more and dated him, but broke up with him about 6 months ago. Even when she dated the other guy, even tho I tried to kind of ignore her cause I was pretty heart broken, she always tried to keep in contact with me, but I was never really in the "friend zone." And before New Years she has tried to talk to me even more and she kinda has been flirting and I have been kinda aloof towards her because I didn't wanna get hurt again. This is a really confusing situation so I really need help. What does this mean in terms of her feelings towards me?
I really need some opinions from girls. So LADIES- Please give me your opinions! appreciated!


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  • It sounds like she is trying to get you to chase her . If you like her thn y not give it a shot. Good friends usually. Make the best relationships. Just it's ok to keep ur guard up but there is no harm and trying. Chances are she wasn't even as drunk as you think.


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    You are obviously in love with the girl. Are you going to let someone you love slip through your fingers? You need to take a chance, if she turns you down it will help you to move on.


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