Should I dump him?

So i have been out with this boy before but after he kept asking me out, But now i like him agian! So i asked him out and he said yes but i am now instantly reggretting it but i dont wanna dump him because iv he's asked me out before and i have said yeh then dumped him because of our great friend ship


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  • The Only thing I can make out from this Question, @crazycrackers12, is that you are a fickle pickle with this guy and you are better off being Casual acquaintances, should he talk to you again and all is koshore.
    Whatever your 'Instantly regretting' that brought on More in store, for you never said here, dear, may have given you the reason of the season to 'Then dumped him because of our great friend ship?'
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks you are so right i am and i can't just leave him hanging on

    • Oh, so welcome, and do not feel guilty.. I am a fickle pickle myself. lol:)) xxoo

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