Should I believe my ex when he tells me that he is going out of town for work?

I mean last time he told me that he was going out of town he really did but then I don't know he could just be telling me that because he doesn't want to hang out with me.
What should I think? ?
HELP GUY'S Answer!!!
Why does he do this stuff if he doesn't want to get back together?


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  • He's an "EX" here, de4ar, and although He Obviously still Marks an X in your own softie spot, he has a life now, not being hooked at the hip with you or a relationship of Commitment anymore, and can tell you what he feels like now.
    You both appear to have this kind of New 'Relationship' where it id friends or even have a few Benefits involved. It sounds like it is working. However, if you are going to Chirp when he tells you the 'Last time' Every time ordeal of Any Deal of when 'He was going out of town,' he may one day grow cold duck feet and fly south because he doesn't want to be in a nest as two birds of a feather right now, he will feel trapped under your wing with Any... Thing.
    Good luck. xx

    • If you want to try and win back the "EX," then go light and easy and let Mother Nature take over. xx

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    • Maybe and maybe not.. But he has to make some sort of initiative to try at least for friends. xx

    • We'll he let's me come and hang out and when we do it feels like we never broke up.

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  • Why does it matter if he's your ex?

    • Because I don't want to be lied to

    • Unless y'all seeing each other again or thinkin bout getting together, I really don't see the point.

    • I want to get back together with him

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