Guys, He just can't let me GO?

I dated my (now ex) for 4 years, we talked marriage, kids, etc. I broke up with him 8 months ago due to some incompatibility with what he and I expect. He has tried to keep in contact with me, and I have been going back and forth about that. My last text I told him "I'm struggling being in limbo where I stand with you. I'm willing to sit and talk w/you, but if that's not what you want then I can respect that, but you need to respect that I need you to not contact me anymore." He respected that for 2 weeks and then this past weekend he invites me over to his place out of the blue asking me if I want Chinese, pizza or Itlaian and a fire under the stars. He knows I am not into friends with benefits or booty call so is this a romantic gesture on his part? Does he just want to see where things lead?


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  • I can't forget my ex-girlfriend after one year...
    My main issues are:
    I do not understand why it ended
    She was never really open to me and afterwards used a lot of benefits from our relation.
    In my view she fits perfect to me - I literally wouldn t know what to change about her. I would teach her how to swim. But that s basically it. She is pretty similar to me. All other girls seem dumb compared to her.
    Maybe this perspective helps you to do something about it...
    If you cannot change your incompatibilities write this to him... meetings will cause him to hope.

    • @questionnn Thank you for sharing that :) So you think his reaching out to see me is a good sign and not like he's just trying to get "lucky?"

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    • You girls never really know what you want and why... Make a decission and stick to it. Everything else is bad for both

    • I know what I want, however I also know I can't have it all in one guy. There lies my dilemma.

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