I want to move on but I still have feelings for my ex what should I do?

me and my girlfriend broke up 2 weeks ago and when she told me a week ago that she wants to move on I said something that have made her mad at me. So to let her cool down I'm waiting a couple weeks to try to talk to her again. I know I'll see her Saturday should I start small with a hi? Or should I say hi and then try to text her?
The question should be should I take it slow or go for it?


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  • you guys broke up and she wants to move on.. i don't think you should contact her again


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  • brother I also says to her that she get mad at me and she is not talking to me and his brother say to me that leave her alone its really that I hurt her she also said me what should i do to stop you really that makes me bad and mad at her again she will never going to talk to her


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