Will loneliness cause you to be really affectionate with someone you dont want to be with?

I know for me if I wasn't romantically interested in someone I would not hold them tight while we slept or kiss them or touch them all the time. My ex does this every time we're together and it's like dude if you want me then say it!


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  • i think it's when your lonely yes it will make you "closer" to the person your with. Did you talk to your ex about this?

    • No because he's leaving to another city soon for school. Plus he basically acts like I don't exist once I leave his house and only calls when he wants me to hang out. We don't have sex either... I stopped that.

    • that sucks. do you talk to hims still? or are you cutting him off completely?

    • I won't say if I'll. cut him off or will. More like I will just let it die if its supposed to be that way. But damn he can be so confusing. He didn't even want to let me go while we were sleeping.

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