Girls, is this a game my ex is playing?

Hi girls.
I won't bore you to much about the actual breakup that happend about a year ago.
Just to sum it up it was a great relationship, and everybody said we would end up getting married. We talked about moving in together. Nothing major happend that caused the breakup. I guess it was "Grass is Greener Syndrome" or maybe just because it all suddenly went a little to fast for her. (She is only 21)

Anyway. I have bloked her entirely on all social medias and I am trying to move on.
I have recently moved to the same city as her due to new job. And ofcause I run into her at the gym. I wanted to just ignore her, but it is really hard when we pass eachother in a hallway or on the stairs and she lighs all up. I always just reply shortly to whatever she says with a "ok" or "yes" and a smile... (dont want to be rude, I am not that kind of guy)

Yesterday I got on the threadmill. And I noticed that in the other end of the gym, she was working out. I guess she noticed me cause she finished up really fast and went over to use the machines right in front of me. I tried to ingore it and stay "in the zone" with my headphoes on. But for the rest of her workout she used only the machines stragith in front of me (there are like 2-3 other places in the gym were they are located)

Is this something girls actually do? Like a part of their game, and why?
Do you/have you done something like this?
Dont know if it is worth noticing, but I blocked her as she was starting to like many of the things I posted on Instagram and send me friendrequest on FB.


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  • it Does sound like she's trying to get you to notice her and you mention she lights up and talks to you. She probably wants more conversation or just more in general and I'm sure still has feelings for you. Don't think it's a game though, she probably just don't know how you feel.

    • But what would she get out of working out in front of me? Jealousy? Getting me to miss her? Showing off?

    • Probably none of the above. Her working out in front of you could be her way of saying here I am. Just trying to get you to notice her in hopes of more convo

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  • lots of girls do that.


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