Guys, what would you think of your girlfriend if she did this?

Hey guys...
so me and my boyfriend ( now my ex ) of 1 and a half year and it's a LDR just broke up a few days ago..
the thing is he has been going through some trouble at work, he never mentioned any specific details about what was going on, just some broad titles... I asked him a few times and he didn't seem like he wanted to talk about it and I thought I would wait until he comes and talk.
A couple months ago he started acting weird being angry a lot, our texts became less so did our video calls.. and then he would not respond to my texts for like 4 or 5 days even though he had his phone and everything. .
I know guys need their space so that's what I did, I gave him space for about a month.. space as in I don't text him unless he texts ( which is basically what he wanted SPACE)..
until this last week he didn't text at allll I kept texting and calling and got real worried about him, then a couple days ago he responded furiously saying that he doesn't want to talk to anybody, and that he was on the verge of bankruptcy.. when I heard this I thought I don't wanna make things harder for him by fighting but I was so tired of being left behind and being last to know about everything. And then the fight got bigger and we broke up, at the end of the conversation I explained to him that am done because I'm tired of his behavior and acting childish by leaving me behind, I mean I'm not asking him to text me a dozen texts all I wanted was just one text a day to make sure he's ok!
all I'm worried about right now is that he would think that all I care about is money and that this is why I broke up with him! Even though he has been through situation similar to this and I stood right next to him... so that's not the reason why I broke up with him..
do you guys think that he would think of it this way?


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  • With all the stuff you described going on in his life, I don't think he is in the proper state of mind in order to really find out why you broke up with him. Taking a guess right now but he might be thinking that he deserves the breakup since his whole life is pretty shitty right now

    • I was sincerely willing to do it all for him but he just ruined it basically... I still hope he comes back and fix it all but of course with all of this goin on in his life I'd prob be the last thing on his mind :(

    • Hopefully once everything is all fixed for him (which may be a while) he comes to realize that what he did was wrong that he wants to rekindle what you two had

  • Um why would you care if you broke up with him? What does it matter what he thinks at this point?

    • I don't know if it's guilt curiosity or both, I just wanna make sure I did the right decision

    • Well that's for you to decide.

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