Did someone ever hurt you or break your trust that you really couldn't forgive them at all no matter how hard they tried to apologize?

Here i am talking about situations when you COULDNT or it was over you ability of forgiving, not that you didn't want to, or dignity didn't allow you, sometimes it is out of our hand, tell us when you felt so?


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  • Yeah my middle school best friend completely ditched me and my other friends after the first week of freshman year to hang out with sohpmores so he can be a "cool" kid.

    Jokes on him cause during senior year he was lonely.

    It helped me realized how fucked up some people are.


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  • well, I did forgive but despite the million apologies & pleas to get back together I just couldnt give him another chance. I was scared he was gonna hurt me again & did not want to provide him with the opportunity to do so.

    • Then you will never be happy because one day when you are married your husband will mess up

    • Leave my future husband out of this!!! Lol. But seriously what the guy did was foul and only a naive person would keep giving him a chance. I chose to pick myself up and move on instead.

    • why are you saying that? who said that it is a must that husbands mess up after marriage, i know hundreds of husbands who are loyal and honest. yes mess up and mess up differs, you can mess up in a way that a loving wife would forgive, but sometimes TRUST BREAKING and SCARING mess up just can't be forgivable, and again there is huge difference between wanting to forgive and being able to, messing up by cheating, lying, meeting exes behind someone back, breaking up with them in the middle of the road , those mess up really mess up whatever relationship anymore, because pain is caused, and trust is broken, so no matter the person tried it is out of your hand, you can't even if you want to, you just can't.. will you be able to forgive someone who stabbed you in the heart with a knife? can you forgive someone who left you in the middle of the sea and didn't take you on his boat.. lying and cheating and breaking up with you when you have devoted your feelings and your heart is as serious as those incidents

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  • When I was about 14 my mum 'checked' my pants too see if it was too tight...

    To cut a short story shorter...
    She felt my pubes

    haven't trusted anyone since


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  • Something like that happened to me once before. I tried very hard to be forgiving but no matter what, he had made it easy for other men to outshine him for the simple fact that they had never screwed me over to the length that he had.

    Folks, if you really want someone, don't give another man or woman the power to outrank you by f*cking up.

  • Yes. I had a boyfriend like this once. I discovered he cheated, and lied to me on various occasions and even though I may of loved him, I could never bring myself to trust him again, not even for a moment. I could try all I wanted but I would be getting nowhere near trusting him again, unless he really proved that he was trustworthy.

  • Yes, It has happened to me before.
    This didn't happen with a lover... but someone I called a friend.
    She betrayed me in every way.
    Our so-called "friendship" continued for a while but because of her nature I kept my eye open.
    How someone reacts after hurting you gives me a real indication of whether they truly care are not.
    She wasn't remorseful.
    She was non-chalant and uncaring.
    Someone like this... is bound to keep betraying you.
    We no longer speak.

    I say, don't only look at the person's actions.
    But look at how the actions effect them as well.
    Are they hurt?
    Are they remorseful?
    Are they caring about your feelings?
    If the person is distant and cold... then the trust can never be repaired no matter how hard you try.
    Someone that at least shows empathy... stands a better chance (although depending on the extent of how they broke your trust, their fate could stand the same)---never to be trusted ever again.


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