What do guys think/feel after breaking up with the girl they're truly in love with?!

Hey all .. what I really really want to know is how do guys feel after they break up with their true love for some (whatever) reason? are they hurt? do they miss her? do they think about her/ remember her all the time? or do they just 4get about her and the whole thing and move on? do guys ever 4get their FIRST TRUE love (even when they never get back together)? or they move on but at the back of their minds she's always and forever there?


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  • I can relate to this so I guess I will answer this question. My first Girlfriend was truly my first love, she was simply the best thing that ever happened to me. We were togather for 4 years, after high school we both ended up going to different schools. We tried to keep the relationship togather and visited each other whenever we could find time, but it was getting obvious that it was not working out. At that time I kinda wanted to break up because I obviousally wanted to see other people because she was the only girl I had been with all my life. When we broke up we still were the best of friends; we would talk to each other everyday, but with time it was every week, every month. Although it was hard for me to get over her because when I saw the other girls I was dating, they were not even close to how amazing she was but I learned to cope with it and now I can safely say I am completely over her. I still remember the day she asked me for permission that there was this guy in her class who asked her for coffee, would it be cool with me if she could go. Obviousally I said YES but inside I was soo jealous hahaahha, but thank God this was right after we broke up.


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  • I can relate too, if he truly loves you and if it is true love for a fact then he will remember you, always I broke up with my girlfriend I loved her but it was only after till I found out I was truly in love with her, you don't know what you got till its gone. she was my first true love without a doubt and like I said you don't know what you got till its gone and she moved on but when I found out I'd die without her I had to tell her, I know it wasn't fair to her but I feel like it was the right thing to do because now she is rethinking things, she rebounded to cover up that hurt and now she is realizing that it was a good thing, If its true love he will always remember you especially first love it will always be in his heart and in his mind and its the hardest to move on from

  • If they were truly in love they wouldn't end it (outside of some extream one off, highly unlikely event)

    Sorry your hurting


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