He flew to another country for me?

For six years, I was in a relationship with a boy during high school, we spent every waking moment together, it was an extraordinary, painfully beautiful kind of love. It was everything I had ever longed for, sometimes it felt too good to be true so I had to pinch myself just to make sure that I wasn't dreaming. We were separated by college, however, I decided to study abroad in a country very far from home, where as he couldn't afford to follow me and chose to stay in our town instead, so we couldn't do anything other than break up, since being together so often, we couldn't deal with long distance. Two years later, he knocked on my door last night, he flew here to be with me and said that he got my address since he got in contact with my mother and informed him on his motives. What do I do?


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  • It sounds like you do not wish him to be there if you are asking. Given he has shown up out of blue and out of respect for relationship you once had and that his motives are good (and if this were a romance movie) you are going to have to tell him that you have moved on. And you are sorry.

    Or you take the chance to see how things will be with him.

    What so you want to do?


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  • I feel God is taking Over Once more with your Past love arriving at your door Because... I feel there is More in store.
    Love has a way of finding you, if two people make the effort. LDR is One of the hardest to Have and to Uphold of Any. I, myself, can relate to it, maybe better than anyone on GAG. Skype is another good way to save the day for open lines of communication is so important in being with someone who is far away, yet close to your heart.
    Go for it. If he has made this time and you are on his mind, it is telling me that you are his weight in gold and he will Never forget you nor Forsake you, even when you Are... Old.
    Good luck. xx


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