How can I let a guy know I like him without saying it?

I know it's best to just come out with it and tell him but I'm still trying to see where I stand with this guy. Apparently people have noticed we flirt a lot. . but I think we're pretty shy. Also, since we work together there is a rumor going around that we are dating so I was wondering if it would be weird for me to mention it to him?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Try walking up to them and licking their face... (OK- no- don't do that!)

    Start a conversation with him and see if you have common interests. If you do then make some type of arraignment to do them together. Say if he likes a certain program after talking with him, just say maybe it would be nice to watch it together. See how he reacts, many times people misinterpret reactions and get confused as to what the other person really feels.

    So you have to use a few subtle hints. That still does not mean anything if they go unresponsive to. Some people are very shy and afraid of rejection.

    So many men try to get close to a women when they are young only to be told they were liked as a friend which is like getting shot, one of the worst feelings of sexual rejection.

    Communication is the key and gentle hand to hand contact. If you touch his hand and he doesn't pull away you know he feels comfortable with you. Just because he pulls away doesn't mean he doesn't.

    If the subtle hints don't work but you don't get a complete rejection then you have to be a little more aggressive.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D

    • Thanks! He might respond to the face licking.. hm.. haha jk.

What Girls Said 1

  • Be forward with it guys are kinda slow they don't pick up on signs as much as us females do or if your shy just send him a text in the morning or before you go to sleep say hey I just wanted to be the first person you think about before you get out of the bed or hey just wanted to say goodnight make sure I'm in your dreams be cute but bold


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