Should I forget about my ex or try to work things out?

Ive been friends with this guy since 2008. We stopped talking for a while and just started talking again after I broke up with my last last bf. We decided to give each other a shot at the beginning everything seemed great he even asked me out I said I didn't want to move so fast.

So since then we've been having problems and okay were not official going out just sorta seeing each other and no one else. We fight a lot and well we stopped talking cause of him and just started again not to long ago but then again the problems started he says I'm just an angry person and well I might admit most of the problems are cause of me I know for a fact I'm not this angry person he sees me as.

Now were not talking again. I'm trying to be at least friends with him cause I rather be that than to completely stop talking to him. But my problem is that I still want to be with him and all I think about is him. What should I do =/

Well with my last boyfriend I was with him for almost 4 years and in some way I realize that the way I was with him is the way I'm trying to be with this new guy. The difference is that my last boyfriend would take my bulls***t and well he isnt.
Me and my last boyfriend broke up cause he wouldn't spend enough time with me and every time that we would see each other all we would do was fight. I basically got tired of the way things were going so I just ended it with him.
The point is I realized my mistake I really am trying to keep a calm easy going environment. I want him back and I want him to see that I still am that girl he fell head over heels for when we first started seeing each other.
is it to late to work things out. Just last night we were sending each other pics and decided to see each other early today to mess around. But we didn't he was busy. What does that mean? How should I go about trying to be with him again?


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  • Well if he is still talkng to you that's probably a good sign. More importantly I think you need to search yourself to make sure that this is what you want and if you will work on those anger issues. Be sure that you aren't getting back with him for the physical reasons as in mess around.

    • Okay thank you so much.. youve been so much help. But how do I try and get him back? should I just give him time. or should I just approach him straight up and tell him how I feel?

    • Maybe try telling him. Set boundaries of what you want and make sure you enforce it.

  • Can I ask why it didn't work out with your last bf? For some reason I get the vibe that you push guys away by acting out in anger when that's not really the way that you want to show affection. Have there been times perhaps in past relationship or with family where they show affection in anger or in criticism?


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