I Feel Betrayed, Do I Have the Right to Know Why He Left Me?

I recently broke up with my boyfriend of one year last week. He said that he was being distant lately and truth be told he was and he's been like that for a few months. He said and I quote "I don't see an end in sight to the craziness in my life between work and school and other crap... I need to continue to focus 100% on school and work." This was last Thursday.

Last night I searched his name on the internet (we met online) and I found that he created a MeetMe profile (the site we met on) and I'm a little pissed as to why he would be on that site after we just broke up when he said that he needed to focus 100% on school and work?

I want to confront him about but I don't know how because he does have the right to be on an online dating site, I know, I have no control over that because it's not like we're dating and he's cheating on me. But what I'm concerned about is that I was lied to about the reason we broke up.

Should I confront him about the profile? Do I have a right to know the truth about why we broke up?


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  • Obviously this guy was lying to you and isn't worth your time or emotions. Don't contact him and move on.

  • I don't think it's worth confronting him about it because what will it prove? Will it make you feel any better? What if he doesn't give you the answer you want? Best to just drop it.


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