Confused, heart broken and turning into a crazy ex. HELP?

So he was my first serious boyfriend. We were togetherer for nearly 2 years. Loved each others family and friends, went on holidays together and trusted each other and it was a GREAT relationship.
He broke up with me via text, without explanation, but invited me round the next day to explain and talk things over. I came round and he said he still loved me and wanted to be with me but wanted to think things through. He explained to me that he needed some space so not to talk to him for 1/2 weeks, but seemed genuinly heart broken, but wanted some time to think about whether we should stay together. He made a promise that even if we weren't together that he would try and be my friend.
So I left it two or three weeks and started to text him, and he wouldn't reply. I rang him he didn't answer. I facebooked him... he blocked me. It dawned on me that we were over. When I eventually got hold of him 4/5 weeks later I was so upset that I just shouted at him. I wanted to know why he was messing me around!! He then told me that a holiday that we were supposed to be going on together he was now going to be going on with his friend, which I didn't agree with because he had cancelled me from the booking without even talking to me about it and I felt like if anyone should go on the holiday it was me, who planned and organised it all, and because if he hadn't have dumped me we would be going together.

Since then he has blocked me of everything and refuses to talk to me. But the thing is I can't stop myself from trying to talk to him, mainly because I just want to figure out what happened? I think it's also getting to me so much because I have been forced not to talk to him!!

Thankyou so much if you managed to read all that!!!
Anyway my question is has anyone else been through something like this, that can offer some advice on how to get over it? Or some kind of explanation of his behaviour?

I literally feel like I'm loosing my


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  • how often do you show him love and how do you do it?

    • Oh all the time I'd buy him gifts, make him surprise meals, plan days out, tell him everyday how much he meant to me and how much I loved him (he did the same for me)

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    • That is how men think. Just as equally you might emphasize romance and he might think you are strange for doing that.

    • I don't like I say he did the same for me... I'm just going to disregard this because it doesn't make sense to me to be honest

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  • Forget him now, @elfears. He doesn't want to be hooked at the hip anymore and not even to be friends till the end.
    He may have been feeling suffocated in this Long term Commitment and in Blocking you, putting you on his pay no mind list, he is trying to earse all of those years and Maybe... Tears as well.
    He wants to be his own free bird now so let him and let it go. Try and take some time to lick your own war wounds now, and should he ever try to come back with some song bird tune on his lips, tell him to fly south.
    It will be nothing but a Full circle problem pattern if you accept him back under your wing again. Block him as well from Anything you own and move on now.. This fat lady has sung her last song... It's over, he cannot be trusted anymore.
    Good luck. xx


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  • i went through it too! just try to keep yourself calm and give it time.

    • Thankyou!! With time did they eventually explain, or talk to you? Because it's been a couple of months now for me and still nothing at all

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