Why Does He Want To Remain Friends?

This guy and I were never official but we kissed and told eachother that we loved one another, and it happened all at once during a 1 month period. Well we decided to distance ourselves over summer since he was going away. Now that school is back in session it's been awkward. He told my close friend he is trying to be friends w me but no longer has feelings towards me. However he specifically told her not to tell me. Confused on why he is still interested into continuing a friendship?


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  • he was talking.. he isn't really interested in that.


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  • Apparently, @bellabarryyy he Never quite Forgot you, and although his heart has stop Beating, he still wants to get up for this Meeting... Trying to be friends.
    He may be hoping that even one day, things can back to this Other way, but for Now... Wants to go slow with the flow.
    It's your choice, your call, you now have the ball.
    Good luck. xx


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