What do I do if I like someone a lot , and he doesn't like me back?

i like him a lot and his name is Christopher and how do I find out if he likes me or not


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  • 1. straight forward.

    2. have 1 of ya friends that know his friend set up a group movie to hang out and try to be near him

    3. leave a note to meet you some where and see if he shows or not, and from there build on it.


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  • be straight up with him and ask him. there are only 2 answers, and that's yes and no. if he says no then try to move on, if he says yes then congrats

  • Ask him.. if no try and move on.. like I need to do now..

    If yes.. then yay!

    I need to take my own advice here.. lol.. so badly.. but I like her so f***ing much.. it's not even funny..


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