Does my ex mean it when he says he still loves me?

Ok so me and my ex have known each other since 6th grade were about to go to 10th grade. We were separated in seventh grade by a hurricane and we never had any closure we just stopped talking. We were really in love. I still see him every time I visit my hometown because he moved back. And we meet up and end up kissing and acting like a couple even tho were not. But when I saw him for the first time in years we ended up making out in the movies and he was really happy to see me but it seems like he was using me to make his ex girlfriend jealous because she was there. But he denied that's what he was doing and that he really liked me. We recently met up when I visited down there and went on a " buddy date" and we ended up kissing again and I felt like he was using me again to make his ex girlfriend jealous because she my cousins bff and she was with us. And so he denied it again. But its too much of long story of all we've been through. He's my first love. I told him how I really feel and this is what he sent back does it seem like he really meant it? He said. You know I will always love you.! To tell you the truth you was/still is the love of my life. But you live way out there far away. And they have lots of other boys so I'm thinking you moved on. I was really touched he said he meant it when I asked if he did. HE is very popular wit the girls and is confusing to understand at times. HE says he still remember old times when we were young in love and in the same city together but now were 100 miles away from each other. I don't want him back I just need help in seeing if he really means what he typed. He is is sorta a player so idk but I've known him long enough to know when he's serious. I still really love him. I feel like well know each other for a long time. So do you think he means it? What should I do? SORRY FOR TYPOS IN A RUSH!

He's hurt me at times by flirting with other girls to make me jealous and he's always got a new girlfriend like ever month no joke!. I thin he's moved on but I'm tryin to because I know its better for me. But every guy I meet it never works out. Something keeps pullin me back to him. He can be very disrespectful at time then very sweet. I just wanna be friends again we still talk on Myspace at times but he never calls me ( well I guess because he doesn't have my number) if he wanted to would he try to get with me again? We live in two different states. My mom doesn't like him anymore because he has done some things to get on her bad side and back then he used to be like a son to her. Is he just messin with my emotions? Should I talk to him? How can I move on? How can we get past him being stubborn and be friends again? I probably will see him this summer or sooner so I need answers. ( I send him messages and he reads but don't reply anymore thats sometimes tho) O I think he is like the jealous type but doesn't show it. He bottles up his feelings a lot. But he tells everyone I'm the girl he can tell his feelings to and when he needs advice on girls. I already told him how I feel. HE says I will be the love of his life. But is he playing with my emotions. WHAT SHOULD I DO ABOUT THIS AND HIM?


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  • I say move on it was old puppy love and I don't think you want to stick with the gut feeling of him making other girl jealous and apparently he moved on with all these ex's he has going on and when he says "i will always love u"to me it sounds like he'll never forget you and a person can tell that stuff to another as a friend c and he has had other girls. I think he is messing with ur emotions and you have to put a stop to that before it gets any worse,u don't have to forget about him you can still stick to being go friends if you want but every time you 2 meet don't let it go any farther you have to respect the fact that he has a girlfriend and he's not showing you respect if he's kissing you and all that stuff.If he's a good guy he'll understand the fact that you just want to be friends if not ur better off with out him . I hope this helps he's a player by all the things he's done stick to being a friend of his if you want but he's not going to change good luck!